Student Funding


A loan has to be repaid and usually, interest is added on. Hence, every five to ten years the loan will double in size so a loan of R10 000 in 2013, if repaid after 2023, may have increased to R20 000. All the major BANKS offer study loans.

Some loans can be repaid not in money but by service to the organization lending you the money (these are sometimes referred to as Contractual bursaries). 

FUNDI provides financial access to education for students in South Africa.  It is one of the leading providers of study loans in South Africa. A Fundi loan pays for tuition fees, registration fees, accommodation, books, as well as laptops & tablets – helping to unlock the potential in everyone who has the will to learn. Fundi is committed to making education both affordable and accessible to all aspiring students.

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Staff in the Colleges attached to Student Funding are also available for student queries regarding funding opportunities on all campuses -ask for the Financial Aid Advisor in the College administrative office.