Welcome to UKZN

Message from the Manager

Our Department operates from a Central Office that co-ordinates student funding across the university.  The Central Office works closely with the devolved Student Funding teams who are based in the four colleges of the university and serve students on all five campuses.

The Department of Student Funding administers NSFAS funding as well as bursaries and scholarships.   As such, we can assist students with information on funding from NSFAS, bursary sponsors, or scholarship opportunities.

At the Central Office, the Manager, Michael Davids is assisted by three portfolio heads who, with their teams are responsible for the three funding sections:

Head of Scholarships: Mrs. Denise Govender
Head of Bursaries: Miss Nozipho Ndwalane
Head of NSFAS Funding – covered by the Manager – as the position is currently vacant.

Services to students are provided by the Financial Aid Advisors, who are based in the Academic Administration offices in the four Colleges across the five campuses.  Students who require funding information or assistance are encouraged to see their Financial Aid Advisors in their Colleges, who will gladly provide them with the necessary information.  The Student Funding teams in each of the four Colleges each have Senior Advisor who leads the team.

Student Funding also provides donor liaison services to the various donors who provide funding and valuable support to financially needy and academically deserving students.  The Financial Aid Advisors are the primary links with the donors and work closely with the donors assigned to each of them.  The Central Office also works in close partnership with the UKZN Foundation to welcome and onboard any new sponsors who are keen to provide funding to students at UKZN.  Our donors are very important to us and our students, and we value all the donors who generously support students at UKZN.

Words by: Mr. Michael Davids (Student Funding Manager)